Monday, January 30, 2012

Coupon filing system


I often get asked what is the best way to organize coupons? So I thought I would share the method that works for me. I clip all my coupons out each Sunday and what I know I will use or try to use goes into the proper category of my binder. My binder is divided into sections shown here:
Each section is separated by an Avery Tab divider  with the page number and section that belongs to it so I can easily flip through it and find what I am looking for.
The remaining coupons go in my file box which are individually placed in envelopes I pre-made to fit the box using a regular file folder cut down to fit and taped along the sides to make sort of an envelope. They are each labeled by the insert abbreviation they came in like RP, P&G, SS etc. with the date behind that so when I see a deal posted on a blog with the insert and date and its not in my binder I can just go right to that box and pull it easily.

Recently I have found the inserts to not have to much in them that I was interested in at all so I took out what I wanted for sure and the remainder I used the no clip filing method others do without a binder at all. That is not for me all the time but for inserts that I do not have much interest in I am not going to clip them all only to stuff them in my little box so I have started the same method above but with full size hanging folders which are labeled as above and placed in my bigger box.
The binder method works best for me I do pull what I am using out before I go to the store but it still goes with me just in case I spot a sale which has happened or there is a sale I can get the item free or with overage. I always take my free items I won't use and donate them to the Military Base my husband works at for the troops and their families.

If you do not want to save a coupon because you feel you will never use it or need it then think about joining a group that does coupon trade and see if you can trade them up for something you will use.

I suggest The Coupon Wizards Trading post. They are a great group of people and where I started learning how to coupon.

Use which ever method works for you. Hopefully these ideas will help you get your coupon stash started.

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