Saturday, January 14, 2012

Learning the Lingo

First of all, welcome and don't be afraid. You will catch on in a snap. I would like to share my experiences, finds and money saving tips with others in hopes that it will help their families during this tough time.

Newbie - Someone who is new to a given online community or new to couponing.

Couponer - Someone who uses coupons.

Mfr -  Stands for "manufacturer,"

PG or P&G - Stands for " Proctor & Gamble." So shorthand for the Proctor & Gamble coupon insert, which is generally found in Sunday newspaper on a monthly basis and also refer to P&G as a company.

RP - Stands for "Red Plum" coupon insert which is found in many of the Sunday newspaper and also online

SS - Stands for 'SmartSource" coupon insert which is found in many Sunday newspaper and also online

BOGO or B1G1 - Stands for Buy one, get one free.
Blinkies - Manufacturer coupon that come out of a little machine with attention- catching light which you'll find stuck to the shelf in a store.

Catalina - A coupon that prints out of a separate machine by the register after you purchase particular items that trigger it. These can be for money off your next order basically it can be used like cash or for money off a particular item basically it can be used like a manufacturer's coupon. 

Cherry picking -  Purchasing only the best deals at a given store, or going from store to store to buy only the best deals at each store.

ECB - Stands for "Extra Care Bucks" or the coupons that print out on your receipt at CVS and can be used like cash on your next shopping trip to CVS.

RR - Stands for " register rewards" or Catalina coupons that print out at Walgreens and can be used almost like cash to pay for your next order.

GM - Stands for General Mills, which puts out the occasional special coupon insert for its products.

Hangtags - Coupons that are hanging from the neck of the products in the store.

IP - Stands for "Internet Printable" Coupons you can print from the Internet and can be used in a physical store. Also called "printable"

K - Stands for Kellogg's which puts out a back-to- school coupon insert at the end of the summer for Kellogg's products.

Lurk - To join and online community but not actively participate; to watch without commenting. 

OOP -  Stands for "Out of Pocket" or the amount you actual spend on a given transaction at the store.

Overage - The happy situation that occurs when you are able to use a coupon worth more that the price of the product, giving you "extra" towards the rest of the items in order. Remember that overage is a privilege many stores have a policy of adjusting coupon amounts down to actual item price and they are within their rights to do so.

OYNO - Stands for "on your next order " and refers to a coupon you can use as cash on your next shopping trip.

OYNSO - Stands for "on your next shopping order" and refer to a coupon you can use as cash on your next shopping trip.

Peelies - Coupons that are stuck onto a product in the store you peel these off in order to use them.

PP - Stands for "participating products"

Q - Stands for "coupon"

Roll - To use a Catalina or ECB, or RR  to purchase more Catalina-products items.

Stack - To layer your savings. In terms of coupons this stands for layering more than one kind of savings on a single product for instance a manufacturer coupon plus a store coupon. In Catalina terms it means that you can do a deal more than once in a single transaction. So if  you see an announcement of a "buy $30 of participating products, get $15" Catalina deal and you can buy $60 of participating products at one time and get $30 back the deals stacks.

Tearpads - Coupons that you can tear off  a pad, usually found by displays in a store.

YMMV - Stands for " your mileage may vary" Means that a deal depends on certain factors that need to be in place for it to work.

                                  BY. Jacqueline Chavez 

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